Accepted CPS Renaissance in Pastel 2020


The beauty of nature: the seasons, the weather, and the transitions of the landscape have always been an inspiration for my artwork. For me, nature and art go hand in hand. There are remarkable sights all around us that we sometimes take for granted, or unfortunately just never notice. The days pass so quickly and our lives can be so busy it is easy to miss how beautiful our surroundings can be. Since the South Shore is my home, I feel a special connection to our spectacular “vistas” and to the little “jewels” of natural beauty tucked away in unexpected places.
Working “plein air” or at my studio from my reference photographs, it is an exciting challenge as an artist to communicate how and what I “see”. Sometimes my paintings seem to magically appear on the page and almost paint themselves, while other times I struggle with the frustration of capturing what I want and it is difficult to know where I am going. Just like life. Through my pastel paintings I encourage the observer to stop for a few moments and view my impressions of the environment. My intent is to invite the viewer to experience the world through my eyes. My goal is that the work will speak to them, they will be drawn in and connect with it.

Donna Rossetti-Bailey